Pastoral Letter - Homecoming Sunday 21 February

13 Feb 2021 by William Tibben in: COVID-19 Updates

Dear Friends

For the past eleven months, despite the ravages of the Covid-19 pandemic, we have seen again that the church is more than a building and more than a mere institution. It is a family – a living organism made up of people who share a common spiritual reality, energised by the Spirit of God and expressed through faith, hope and love – those three qualities of life that alone give meaning to our existence, and which even Covid-19 has been unable to destroy.

For almost a year now we have been living out our shared faith as best we could – pre-recorded services watched at home, pastoral caring via telephone, Bible studies and church council meetings using Zoom, and a whole lot of other things we’ve had to improvise as we realised the pandemic wasn’t going to quickly go away. And, with God’s help, we did it.

But now we can start meeting again just like we used to – well, almost; we still can’t sing, hug and be quite as free and easy as we’d like to be. But we can be together again – face to face.

So, join us on Sunday 21st February at 9.30am for our celebratory homecoming service in the Northern Illawarra Uniting Church worship centre on the corner of Princes Hwy and Point St, Bulli. And make sure you wear something celebratory and bright – because you deserve it!

P.S. Our pre-recorded services will be available as usual Blessings to you all.

Rev Robert Smith

10th February 2021