WALK IN THE LIGHT by Stephen Beazley

14 Mar 2021 by William Tibben in: Soul Food - Inspiration for the Week

When I was younger I use to skip school now and then. It was quite a production. I had to be careful - I did not want certain people to see me wandering around the suburb while I was supposed to be in school. I took sides streets instead of main ones and I went into the kind of stores and places where my parents or my sister would not normally go. While I took these precautions all the time I was sneaking around, I would wonder if the teachers would call home, or whether or not I could forge a note the next day that would convince the teachers I had been sick. It was a lot of hard work playing hooky, but at the time, as I wandered the streets, I thought it was worth it. Later on, however, it didn't seem to work out so well

John 3 11-21