Week Starting 17 May 2020 by Marilyn Judd Smith

19 May 2020 by William Tibben in: Weekly Prayer

17 May 2020 NUIC Pastoral prayer

How can we ever understand the mystery of Your love, O God?

How can we ever estimate

the value of Your compassion and mercy?

In our weaknesses and brokennesses,

in our strengths and wholenesses,

we find the touch of Your support and creative energy.

In our fears and suffering, in our joys and pleasures,

we find the moistness of Your tears

and the percussion of Your laughter.

In our failures and despair, in our successes and dreams,

we find the comfort of Your forgiveness

and the inspiration of Your Spirit.


These are gifts beyond measure,

and we can only respond with joyful praise.

You are the home we long for,

the family where we discover that we truly belong

the hearth where we are warmed and renewed

And we worship You with our whole being, wonderful and loving God.

Forgive us when we are too preoccupied
to notice your presence in our lives:
when we walk through this world
and fail to see the wonder
of you upholding our lives and all creation;
when we walk through our lives
and fail to see you abiding with, within,
and around us;
when we walk through holy moments
and fail to savour your presence,
instead feeling abandoned
in the vast sweep of life
as each day rushes at us
with its demands.

Open our eyes to your presence. Give us fresh understanding of Your love for us, Your dwelling within us. Shine into our hearts the light of your wisdom, O God, so we may think and act according to your good will and may live continually in an awareness of Your light and Your love available every moment of our lives. Shape us into the people You created us to be -  in Jesus’ name.    Amen