Week starting 18 October 2020. by Marilyn Judd Smith

14 Oct 2020 by William Tibben in: Weekly Prayer


Living God,
move among us and awaken us
to your loving presence.
When we lose our way
and put our confidence in our possessions
and our wisdom,
call us back to you.
Remind us that our very identity
is dependent on your abiding mercy.
Show us how to walk with steadfast faithfulness,
following the path of justice and goodness
in our daily lives.
May our days be filled with joy and hope
as we share the good news of abundant life
that comes from following Jesus Christ.

God of mercy,
we place our trust in tangible things—
things we can see and touch—
and question whether you are really there.
Forgive us, Holy One,
when we fail to recognize
that you are always nearby,
patiently waiting for us to recognize
your presence and your glory.
Help us when we lose our way,
and forgive us when we forget
to whom we truly belong.

Our hearts are filled, O Lord, with your joy and peace. You have placed your imprint on us and challenged us to be your people in thought, word and deed. In gratitude we come to you this day, bringing shouts of joy as well as cries of sorrow. We are concerned about so many of our friends, our brothers and sisters in Christ, who are afflicted with illness of many kinds, who mourn, who feel lost and alone and wonder where you are. We pause to raise their names before you in the silence. praying that your healing love may be poured on them.



Lord, we know that you hear and respond to our prayers for these dear ones. Likewise, gracious God, we shout with joy at the many blessings that have been poured into our lives and into the lives of our family and friends. Our hearts rejoice at the delight they feel. Help us to understand that these blessings are your wondrous gifts of joy for each one of us.

We thank you for all these blessings. Help us to bring words of healing and hope to all we meet.

Open our eyes to see you;
open our ears to hear you;
open our hearts to love you;
and open our hands to serve you.

 In Jesus’ name we pray. AMEN.