Week starting 19 July 2020 by Marilyn Judd Smith

13 Jul 2020 by William Tibben in: Weekly Prayer

Eternal One, whose thoughts and ways are not ours,

you alone are God, awesome, holy, and most high.

School us in the ways of faith and wisdom,

that we, like Job,

may learn to truly see and hear,

and in humility find blessing.


God of the seasons,
God of the years,
Alpha and Omega,

You promise and we wait:
we wait with eager longing,
we wait amid doubt and anxiety,
we wait with patience thin
and then doubt,
and then we take life into our own hands.


We wait because you are the one and the only one.
We wait for your peace and your mercy,
for your justice and your good rule.


There are so many who have been displaced—

by flood and fire, global pandemic, - and in some places around the world, even war and famine.
May they be fed and cared for,

and may they find kindness on their journeys.
Lead them to a safe place,

to find comfort under the shelter of your wings.
May they find their home in you. 


For those who have found themselves where they did not expect to be,
Oh Lord, hear our prayer.


For those who have experienced loss –

of homes, jobs, good health, and of loved ones,
May they find your love and the light of your promises

to be enough for the next step.
Lead them to a place of hope, to find glimpses of joy in their journey.
Bind up their wounds – so tenderly –

and fill them again with your goodness and mercy.


For those who grieve and seek a path forward toward hope,
Oh Lord, hear our prayer.

Lead us to those whom you look upon with compassion –

the overworked, the underfed, the neglected and the depressed.
Fill us with your grace and mercy and love,

that we may be healers in your name.


When we feel weak:
increase in us your power.

When we are tired:
refresh us.

When we stumble and fall:
lift us up.

Lord, you are our hope:
renew us and strengthen us
now and always. Amen.