Week starting 2 August 2020 by Dianna Bradshaw

1 Aug 2020 by William Tibben in: Weekly Prayer

Dear Lord

 Thank you, Lord, that even in a shutdown we can still be of service to your vulnerable people in our society.  We give thanks for those willing to prepare meals for Friday night’s so that the recipients know of the love and compassion that goes into the preparation. 

We might not have to feed the five thousand, but we know when we care for one person, we care for you and spread the news of your love which is to let all know that each of us is special to you.

Dear Lord, we thank you that we can be a worship Centre, where both the body and soul can be fed, even though we can’t meet for church, may our Soul Food services reach people at their point of need.

We again pray for a breakthrough in finding a cure for COVID 19, so that we can once again mix with our community, maybe the longer we get used to this new kind of normal we are more likely to be caring and thoughtful for those around us in our community.

We know that we sometimes pray for the same things over and over again and become disillusioned when answers don’t come immediately but we still believe you hear us.  When Jesus fed the thousands with the 5 loaves and 2 fish it would have only fed them for one day

they would still need to eat tomorrow to keep up their health and strength, so to with our prayer time, it is good to offer up prayers for others on a daily basis as it helps retain our spiritual connection to you and each other.

We pray for those in Victoria who must be frustrated with a new sense of despair, especially when the numbers of virus cases are rising, and businesses are suffering, please keep them safe in your keeping.  Also, for the people suffering after the wild weather that has been devastating in different parts of the world this past week.

We pray for those who are facing more depression and family unrest please Lord may extra help and funding be made to those in crisis.

For our church family, thank you Lord that we know of your love and grace, for Bob and Marylin bring a sense of refreshment as they travel and meet people along the way, may they spread your love to those you have placed in their path

For Ken and Jenny Oats as they continue to volunteer in the outback. We pray for continuing healing for those in pain, and discomfort Lyn West, Jan Walker, Pat Scott, Lorimer Floyd, Ron and Lyn Batey, Nerri’s mum Dawn and those that are caring for them for Len and his family at the loss of his stepfather

also, for Jill Johnson who has lost loved ones recently, be with them and others that are close to our hearts, may all dear Lord feel your love.

In Jesus name we pray.               Amen