Week starting 20 September by Marilyn Judd Smith

17 Sep 2020 by William Tibben in: Weekly Prayer

Empowering God,
You empower us to be our better selves.
You help us to understand how much we are loved.
You see in us our potential for good,
You give us gifts and strengths, which we can develop and grow

Help us to see ourselves and each other in the way you do.
Empower us to be confident in the gifts which you give us,
Such as your grace, and the ability to share love.
Empower us to learn about ourselves, each other and the world

Empower us as Spirit to cope when we face struggles
Empower us to flourish, even in difficult and hard times.
Empower us to help and serve others.
Empower us to work for good in all people and all the world

Empower us to have the grit and determination to strive always towards better things.
Empower us to empower others, so that all might share in your love
In thanksgiving and praise,
as well as hope and faith,
we pray in Jesus’  name. Amen.

(Source: Jon Humphries, Prayers that Unite)