Week starting 25 October 2020 Prayer by Marilyn Judd Smith

22 Oct 2020 by William Tibben in: Weekly Prayer

Deep in who we are is who God is.
A light,
the same light
that lit God’s eye
when God first thought of us.
That was the imagination of creation,
set free from heaven,
and placed in our hearts,
round which gathered soul which grew
into us
and the promise we are.
And every so often
when we speak of God:
the justice that brings renewal,
the love that births universes,
the hope that speaks of reconciliation, that light
round which soul has gathered
flares and burns through the skin,
and lights up our eyes,
for it is alive
and recognises
how close the kingdom has come.
(Source: Spill the Beans, Church of Scotland)

Let’s pray:

Loving God, as we meditate on Christ’s commandment to love,

We pray for your church here and and throughout the world:
Help us to reach out to others,
sharing with them the good news of Christ
and standing with those who are most in need of our help, love and support.
Guide us in our relationships with others,
within our families, with friends, neighbours
and those who we struggle to love or try to avoid.
Fill our homes and communities with the warmth of Your love:

may we learn to love and accept all.
Pour out Your Spirit into the world,
bless those struggling with poverty and homelessness, evil and war.
Help us to reach out to those who are in need.
Bless those who are ill at home or in hospital,
those who are feeling anxious or low,
feeling like they would rather just give up than live on.
May they know Your love and sense Your presence with them,
and may we as a church reach out to them in their time of need.

Bless the leaders of nations and people.
Guide them in the decisions that they make,
ensuring they work hard and fight for the people they represent.
Lord, may we always sense Your presence in our lives
and in the lives of others.
Transform us to be the people that You would have us be.
May Your love be upon us,
establishing whatever is loving in the work of our hands.
We bless you for finding us, embracing us, encouraging us,
and releasing in our hearts a love for you.
By your Spirit please foster our love,
that our fledgling faith may soar high above dutiful worship into the realm of free delight.
All of this we ask in the name of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Saviour. Amen