Week starting 26 April by Val Harrison

25 Apr 2020 by William Tibben in: Weekly Prayer


Risen one, like those disciples on the road to Emmaus, we struggle to recognise you in the journey of our everyday lives.

We ask for wisdom in the midst of the questions we have about the circumstances we find ourselves in – circumstances sometimes beyond our control but often of our own making.


With you we can overcome every storm, including the impact Covid-19 is having on our world.

We ask you to heal those who are sick and protect those who are not. We pray your protection over all front line workers as they risk their own lives for us.

Lord, you can restore all things so we ask you to restore lost jobs, finances, resources, relationships and above all, hope.

Give our leaders extra wisdom as they navigate this pandemic and economic uncertainty.

Strengthen your global church. Show us how to partner together to reach the needs of those around us.

Calm our fears. Fill us with your hope, joy and peace as we continue to trust you.

Use this pandemic to pave the way for spiritual renewal. We want your glory, power and healing to be displayed.

May your light shine through the darkness, shine brighter than the fear of death, economic ruin or long quarantine. Draw this hurting world back to you.

Lord, open our eyes to the wonder of creation, this world you rolled into a sphere and wrapped in love for us to enjoy.

May we never take for granted this beautiful location in which we live, between the picturesque mountains and the ever-rolling sea with its many changing moods.

 Open our eyes to see the beauty of another human being. May we use this time to grow closer together, become more loving and appreciative of each other and enjoy quality family time. 

Open our eyes to recognise the stranger in our midst. May we welcome those who are different from us with grace and acceptance.


Lord, open our eyes to the needs of others – those suffering hardship as the result of natural disasters .

For David, as he recovers from severe vertigo.

For Kerry Wolfers as she undergoes treatment for cancer, for Heather’s sister Fay as she recovers from a fall, and for those we now pray for silently.


Lord, open our eyes to the holy scriptures.

 By faith we cling to your word and know the strength we receive comes from your love for us.

Our God, come, and do what only you can do.