Week starting 4 April 2020 Palm Sunday by Marilyn Judd Smith

9 Apr 2020 by William Tibben in: Weekly Prayer

Palm Sunday Pastoral Prayer                5 April 2020


Let us enter the city of God today,
Rejoicing with the son of God.
Let us walk with Jesus towards the cross,
Longing still for things unseen.
Let us stumble along the path Christ walked
Our hearts aching for things not complete,
For wholeness and peace and abundance.
As we breathe in God’s life giving breath
Let us long for what is yet to come.
For a new world of righteousness and truth

One true God, we move slowly toward your eternal future,
With perseverance and eager anticipation,
Confident that you can orchestrate everything,
To work towards something good and beautiful.   (pause)

Lord Jesus – we look to you as
You are on your way to Jerusalem -
on your way to suffering and to death
for the sake of our freedom and our salvation.
This is mystery and wonder.
Our hearts overflow into songs of praise.
“Hosanna!”, we cry with the crowds.
“Blessed are you who comes in God’s name!”


Yet, you puzzle us:
you puzzle us with your suffering love
that is more powerful than our brokenness;
you puzzle us with your freely chosen humility
that brings blessings in our weary places;
you puzzle us with your forgiveness
that summons us beyond our hurt.


Liberating Saviour,
you make us uncomfortable
so that you can lead us
into more life
and deeper wonder;
so that God can take who we are
and break us open,
and bless us
and give us to the world.


Grant us grace
to welcome this holy restlessness,
that we may live by the power of your Spirit,
and in your name.