Weekly Prayer beginning 2 January 2021 by Marilyn Judd Smith

30 Dec 2020 by William Tibben in: Weekly Prayer

May the God of surprise and new life
Bring you hope today.
May the Christ of faithfulness and righteousness expand your love today.

May the Spirit of steadfastness and encouragement
Welcome you to unity today.
Let the wonder of the God who is One, the God who is three
Fill you, restore, renew and refresh.

Love comes.
Light shines.
The miracle of God
Surges around us.          

Let’s pray:

Holy God,
In this New Year,
We seek you
As we have always sought you.

We need you
As we have always needed you.
We hunger for your presence,
your peace, your justice and your love.

Open our hearts afresh and anew.
Open our minds that we may know you.
Open our hands that we may care for you.

Open our ears and eyes that we may hear and see you
In our neighbour, in the foreigner, in the refugee,
Even in our enemy,

And, perhaps especially, in ourselves.
That we may know in the deepest part of ourselves
That you call us

And that we are capable
Of seeing and naming, doing and being
Your love, your peace, your hope and your justice
In this your world. 

We pray for this, Your World:

We don’t know what it brings,

And maybe we are longing for a return to what we remember as “normal”.


We do know this one thing:

You know what’s ahead, and You will be here with us, whatever it brings.


We pray that this year may find the News not dominated by greed and fear,

and war and violence


but be full of hope and expectation

and that it may mark the end

of uncertainty in the face of the pandemic, and conflicts around the world.


We pray for our own country

that we may find help through vaccines and good leadership,

and lead the world in diplomacy and peace.


We pray for all politicians this year

that they may be filled with a duty to be just and fair,

and care for the poorest and weakest among us.


Lord, we pray for this church this coming year.

We look forward with great anticipation to new leadership.

Give Josh and his family a clear path for moving across the world to be with us.


Help them as they make the many decisions required, give them peace and your joy in the process.


In the meantime, we pray for our leadership team as they guide the church

towards the fulfillment of Your dream to be who You want us to be.


And we pray that all who come here may find a warm welcome.


Lord, as this new year dawns,

Sow light in our hearts.


Let it germinate and grow

and bring forth fruit.

Birth in us something new.


Let your peace take root.

Nurture it,

encourage it to flourish.


Let your love blossom

with the fragrance

of patience and compassion.


Let it strengthen

forgiveness and understanding.


Let your life emerge

in us, through us, around us,

bringing newness to all it touches.


Lord you are with us at all times and in all places.

Bless each one of us,

in Jesus Name