Weekly prayer starting 14 February 2012

10 Feb 2021 by William Tibben in: Weekly Prayer

Transforming, Empowering God –

You empower us to be our better selves.

You help us to understand how much we are loved.

You see in us our potential for good.

You give us gifts and strengths, which we can develop and grow.

Help us to see ourselves and each other in the way You do.

Empower us to be confident in the gifts which you give us,

those of nature and those of grace.

Empower us to learn about ourselves, each other and the world.

Empower us to cope when we face struggles.

Empower us to flourish, even in difficult times.

Empower us to help and serve others.

Empower us to work for good in all people and all the world.

Empower us to have the grit and determination to strive always towards better things.

Empower us to empower others, so that all might share in your love.

Do Your mysterious, majestic God-ing with our hearts:




so that we are



transposed . . .

become by Your attentiveness whom we have not yet embraced,

open and receptive, honest and undefensive,

unafraid and committed to You.

Listening God,

We pray for those who are poor in body or in spirit, for those oppressed and heavy laden, for those sick or in despair. We pray now, in the silence, for those who are on our hearts.


Minister by Your spirit and by us, to all those for whom we have prayed. We choose this day to be people of blessing.  In Jesus’ name we pray,  Amen.