Weekly Prayer starting 19 December 2020 by Marilyn Judd Smith

18 Dec 2020 by William Tibben in: Weekly Prayer

 On this fourth Sunday of Advent, as we ready our hearts to encounter the coming light of Christ in Baby Jesus – this week we focus on the light of love.

Please take your piece of paper – that you no doubt have thought to have with a pen right next to you – and write your prayer of how you want to exhibit God’s love –

in grace, in truth, in compassion and humility, in encouragement and blessing . . . Please take a moment to formulate your love-prayer for advent. (pause)

Let’s pray:

Eternal God, you are love, love made clear in the life of Jesus.
You come:

In the hope kindled that keeps us from despair
In the peace shared that encourages comfort

In joy that makes hearts sing
You are near, very near

You come: In the sudden shock of ‘aha’ moments
In the laughter of a child
In times of spontaneous affection
You are near, very near

Please come: To the ones who have given up hope
To the depressed and the despairing

To the war torn places and the conflicted hearts
Come near loving God, come very near.

Please come: To people who are worrying
To the sick and to the dying

To those who are sobbing
Come near loving God, come very near.

Please come: To the ones whose faith is strong
To the ones who look for you

To the many who worship you this day
Come near loving God, come very near.

God of love, this season is difficult for some. Others have new grief in their hearts. Some of us are recuperating, some still dealing with illness or infirmity.

Bless those dear ones whom we name before you just now, in the silence, with your healing, reconciling, comforting presence and love.  


Oh God, when words fail hear our weeping.

Hear our weeping, treasure our tears, answer our cry.

Emmanuel, we celebrate love that illuminates all of our lives. We love so many around us, those who are living, those who have died, those we will meet tomorrow or next week or next year, those we may never meet.

Bless each of them and keep our hearts open to the extravagance of loving that you offer us, through the Word made flesh, Jesus. Amen