Weekly prayer starting 24 January 2021 by Sandy Brenchley

20 Jan 2021 by William Tibben in: Weekly Prayer

Loving Heavenly Father, we thank you that we can bow our heads and lift up to you those cares and concerns that are on our hearts.

Before we do though, we ask that you would forgive us and cleanse us from any wrong doings we may have  committed, that  have offended You. We are sorry, if we have, and we  need to start afresh as we come before You, to intercede for  other people and situations we are concerned about.

Father, we really feel for those people suffering in so many different countries around the world at the moment. We think of the present turmoil in the U.S.A., as the corona virus is still rampant, and the political situation is SO volatile!

Please restore calm to the hearts and minds of the American people, as they wait for their vaccinations and their new President!

In Indonesia Lord, we ask for international help in the incredibly difficult rescue operations after their landslide disaster. We pray too that with an imminent volcanic eruption there,  that the Governments will have the wisdom and means to minimise the destruction.

In the United Kingdom, Europe and India we thank You that Covid 19 vaccinations have begun, and we pray for a flattening of the curve as a result. Thank You for the perseverance and thoroughness of our State Premiers and our Prime Minister, Scott Morrison. How blessed we are to have them!

Father, even with our social distancing and our church services being on line once more, we are blessed to have people that can make it happen. Thank You for all those who work so hard to do that. Please bless them, and give them the stamina to continue.

We lift up to You too, those folk in our congregation who need Your Healing Hand right now. Thank you that Alan Smith is home from hospital after 13 weeks, and that Ron Batey is coping with his chemo. We pray for Lil Poots, Ron Trenholme and Lorimer Floyd, 

 that You would relieve their pain please, and in silence now Father, we bring to You our own personal concerns.

Come Holy Spirit, reveal your plan, and help each of us to understand our part in your plan and purpose.

Help us to recognise and grow in the gifts you have given us. Help us to share our gifts with others as we boldly risk all for Jesus.

Lord, help us as we try to make wise and caring decisions, 

And Lord, help each of us to love you with all that we have and are, and help us to love others the way we love ourselves.

We lift up these prayers to You in the mighty name of Jesus Christ of Nasareth, and we thank You for the assurance that by Your Grace You hear our prayers and answer them.   Amen.