Weekly prayer starting 27 February 2021

24 Feb 2021 by William Tibben in: Weekly Prayer

Let us humbly beseech God for his mercy upon the Church, the world, and one another.

Let’s pray

Holy Father Inspire your Church to boldly and faithfully proclaim Jesus to the world as your only Son, and as its only Savior.

Through your covenant with Abraham and Sarah, you blessed all nations. Grant to all people the blessings of peace, freedom, and righteousness, which apart from you cannot flourish. Direct and guide our nation, that our words and deeds may please and glorify you, the Lord of the whole earth.

We thank you Lord that we live in a country where we are truly blessed and able to openly worship you and speak your truths.
We pray for those Christians who suffer persecution for their faith and pray that you would give them courage and strength to stay strong. We particularly think at this time of the children’s homes in Myanmar that we support and pray for your protection over them all.
Your Son did not shrink from suffering and death. Grant grace to all who are persecuted for Jesus’ sake, so that they glory in his Cross, and rejoice in his resurrection.

Heavenly Father teach the people of this congregation to follow Jesus in humble service. Let our worship, words and lives, glorify you and build up the Body of Christ here in the Illawarra.
Keep us calm and fearless, ever trusting your love which shines from Jesus’ Cross and lights our path throughout our earthly pilgrimage.

Gracious God In this season of repentance and healing, we accept your invitation to be ever-mindful of the needs of others, offering our prayers on behalf of your community in the church and the world.
For religious communities, that they may share peace, love, and justice with each other and the world around them.
For the beauty of the earth, that we may be ever more dedicated to protecting and preserving what you have entrusted to us.
For governments and leaders of governments, that they may devote themselves to service and compassion towards their citizens always mindful of your wisdom and not self advancing ego.
For the lonely and brokenhearted, that they may find support and community and experience your great love for them.
For all who suffer in mind or body, that they may know your presence and find comfort and healing. We especially pray for those in our own congregation & community that they feel your presence & peace.
For us worshipping together now, that we may go forth from our worship in order to love and serve our neighbours.

We give you thanks Heavenly Father for the calling of Rev Josh McPaul and his family and pray for your continued guidance and mercy in making the transition to us here in Northern Illawarra as smooth as possible. We thank you for Josh’s passion and heart for Christian love and growth and eagerly await his spiritual gifts here in your church at Bulli.

Loving Lord please help us to work together to help the seeds of your kingdom take root and flourish in our lives and in our community.

As we begin a more social daily life and restrictions lessen, may we be guided by the Spirit to ensure a safe environment for ourselves and those around us.

Gracious and loving God, you never cease to protect and guide us in all our problems. Make us aware that we will always remain members of your extended family.
We pray all these things in your precious Son Jesus name.