Weekly Prayer starting 6 December by Sandra Brenchly

4 Dec 2020 by William Tibben in: Weekly Prayer

Loving Heavenly Father, we come before You in faith this morning, as Your people. We worship You humbly, and we’re in absolute awe of Your mighty power and love. We thank You for the Scriptures, and we hold on to Your promise, Lord Jesus, in Matthew Ch. 21, verse 22 “Whatever you ask for in prayer, having faith and really believing, you will receive”. What a wonderful promise, thank you! Thank you too, for Your love and grace towards each one of us, and for the wonderful blessings we receive each day.

 Thank You too for this beautiful area we live in, with its lovely beaches and, escarpment. Thank You for our families, our comfortable homes and living conditions, and for our church family.

Lord, we’re still a bit scattered at the moment, but we give You thanks that we are drawing ever closer to being together for worship once more, as the COVID 19 threat has diminished. We ask that You would bless, guide an lead each person in this congregation, as they each use their special gifts to shine Your light in this area. Faithfully, Heavenly Father, people who love You, collect, buy, prepare and deliver delicious meals to the community every Friday evening, because they know that is what our Lord Jesus would do. Please bless each person involved Lord, and the 65 recipients.

We pray for those who faithfully plan and lead in our on-line worship services. Thank You for the wisdom You give them to teach us more about You, our Almighty God. We lift up our minister Bob Smith and his wife Marilyn, and we pray for Fred David and his wife Janet and their family,, as they move on to the next stage of their life’s journey of faith, with You. Please grant them energy and wisdom to grow Your Kingdom.

Father, our hearts are broken by the things that break Your Heart. We particularly lift up to You those highly-infected countries in Britain, Europe and North and South America, who are still struggling with the Corona Virus. Many people put their lives on the line to save others Lord, the nurses, doctors, health care workers, ambulance drivers, and many others, so we would ask for special protection for them as they go about their difficult jobs. The promise of successful vaccines brings hope, and we are asking, with shameless audacity, for those vaccines to become a reality please.

Thank You for our democracy here in Australia. Thank You for the wisdom You grant our Prime Minister, Scott Morrison, and his team, and all our State Premiers, as they endeavor to make the right decisions for all Australian people. Thank You for those Australians who have successfully been brought back to this country so far. Lord, there are many more people  still waiting, and we ask for patience and tolerance for them as they await their successful return.

Within our congregation, Lord, thank You for the healings we have had. We pray for Lil Poots, and thank you that Alan Smith is making steady progress in Coledale hospital. Grant him strength and patience to endure his time there. You know his deep faith in You, so please help him to stand firm in his faith and hold on to You, as he goes into week 7 of hospital. In silent prayer now, we lift up to You others that are on our hearts at this time:



Thank You Father for the privilege of being able to lift up these prayers to You in faith. Thank You for the Truth of Your Word, the power of prayer, and for prayers answered.

All these prayers we lift up to You in the mighty name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth.